• Work with Synergy Chain

    Synergy Chain helps companies with fundraising from a global network of investors and Synergy Chain Club members.


    • Token sale modeling and strategy
    • Investor and advisor relationship management
    • Roadshow planning and production 
    • Fundraising and syndication of funds
    • Access to Synergy Chain Global Investors Club through personal introductions to relevant investors

  • Partners

    We partner with experts in the blockchain community to help our portfolio companies succeed.

    d10e is the leading conference on decentralization, exploring the future of fintech, ICOs, blockchain, the sharing economy, the future of work, and disruptive culture.

    Strategic investment and advisory firm to empower blockchain investors, funds, startups and entrepreneurs to reach their liquidity goals.

    Blockchain development agency focusing on production ready solutions, smart contracts technologies, cryptocurrencies and technical ICO support.

    Specializes in bridging ecosystems across international borders by developing opportunities between Asia, Europe, and North America, acting as a catalyst within the entrepreneurship ecosystem.